While I sit here writing this, listening to “Put it Together” by  Langhorne Slim & The Law I can’t help but think of my Grandfather.  He’d be turning 98 & I wish he was around to call to wish him a Happy Birthday. With Easer just passing I can’t help but think of him, my Grandfather loved when Easter fell on his birthday, & while this year it was three days off, I figure, “Hey, close enough”.

I received an email from Shutterfly showing me pictures from three years ago from this time of year.  The pictures they sent were of my Grandfather with me & my wife from Palm Sunday.   My mother called me tonight to say hello then to remind me that Grandpa’s birthday was here.  I told her I remembered.  Of course I would, I couldn’t forget it.

It’s interesting that when I was younger I was very quiet but when I got older I really began to talk to my Grandfather more.  I’d ask him questions about being born in 1919, the things he saw in life, the things he witnessed.  There wouldn’t be a holiday that would pass where I wouldn’t sit by him with my notebook asking him the things I’d think of.  When I wasn’t there I’d write a list of questions then give them to my mother to ask him.

I still have the answers, sitting in a notebook I need to write in.  Not sure when I’ll do this.  Much as I want to I still feel too sad that he’s gone, just like I feel bout Rich.  There’re days when I feel good in life, then the days where they’re being gone hits me more powerful than King Kong.

So Happy Birthday to my Grandfather.