my wife & I.

I really hate it when people take their kids to the zoo & do the following

yell at the animals to get their attention

knock on the glass to get the animals attention so they could get a picture of their kid in front of the animal

make stupid noises the animal makes to the animals to get their attention

say “look at the turtle” when it’s a tortoise

say “look at the tortoise” when it’s a turtle

say “look at the monkey” when it’s an ape

say “look at the ape” when it’s a monkey

say “look at the alligator” when it’s a crocodile

say “look at the crocodile” when it’s an alligator

I did get this cool shirt though…




My wife & I’ve been hooked watching Supernatural on Netflix.  Starting months ago at season one we’ve made our way to season 11.  Our goal is to get through 11, watch 12, then 13, well before the new season starts next month.

Supernatural is a great show.  Sam & Dean are excellent characters, well written & performed. One other great character is Castiel.

Recently I saw this on the back of a comic book…


Then I saw this comic cover for The Lost Boys Reign of Frogs comic…


Reminds me of Sam & Dean hunting

Then I saw these comics, the Hardy Boys teaming up with Nancy Drew.  Now I never read The Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew (I did read The Three Investigators, one has them meet Vincent Price, the other Alfred Hitchcock, which was really cool).

When I saw these covers it seems that they were trying to go for the Supernatural look for Sam & Dean for the Hardy Boys…



But nothing beats these two…



One of the best vampire movies from my youth is The Lost Boys. With a great cast, great soundtrack, cool looking vampires & proof that Joel Schumacher CAN make a good movie (just not Batman), The Lost Boys is excellent.

While the sequels weren’t great, they did release a comic book, first titles The Lost Boys & a second one with the Frog Brothers.

Now we’re getting Pop’s of these creatures of the night, well, at least one so far, besides others.  Check them out…







The Frog Brothers


The Addams Family

I can’t wait for this to come out next year.  It’s got a good voice cast & the style is very much like Charles Addams toons.  (Addams was actually born in New Jersey, so hey, I got that going for me in this hell hole of a state)

I can’t wait for the trailer to come out



I really like the How to Train Your Dragon movies.  My wife & I saw the first one when it came out & I remember sitting there in the theatre with tears in my eyes with Hiccups relationship with his father & at the end when he & Toothless go fight the big dragon.

One thing I like is that between the first film & the second Hiccup has aged.  We also see more about his family & his flame sword is pretty cool.

Now with part three coming out next year we get to see how things go.  I’ll be there with my wife for this one.