When I was a kid one of my heroes was Indian Jones.  Cool hat, coat, bullwhip, hung from a car, went on cool adventures.  I wanted to be him.  I also had another hero, one who was actually a person. Now, while I had an older brother, it wasn’t him.  No offense if you’re reading this.  Oh, by the way, Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t start yelling at me, let me finish.  See, in real life, when you have the older brother, his sole purpose in life is to beat the snot out of you.  He terrorizes you day & night, he beats you up in front of your friends, he chases you up a tree (this really did happen, my buddy Rich was there).

So, my brother properly performed his older brother duties.  Even though he could beat the snot out of me whenever he wanted, there was one weakness that he just couldn’t beat.  My older cousin Jeff.  Jeff was, I should say, IS, the coolest guy ever.  When we were kids he’d play with us.  When we were older he’d drive me, when visiting him, to the comic book store by him, to the toy store, even to the beach.  He looked out for me whenever I needed it, giving me advice, telling me to stick with my dreams.  He was the coolest cat in town.

To have this cool guy listen to his nerdy cousin talk about nerdy things like comic books or movies was the coolest thing.  Even back then I was nerdy, let’s face it, still nerdy now, & he thought it was cool.  Jeff was the Batman to my Robin, the Captain America to my Bucky (yes, Bucky was actually younger than cap back then, they ret-conned this years later making him the same age as Cap, but when first introduced, Bucky was a kid).

I remember one summer my family visiting my relatives in Long Island.  We went to the beach & I remember being out in the ocean, body boarding with Jeff, waiting for the perfect wave to ride in.  I remember being out there, scared because I’m not the best swimmer & that Bruce the shark lives out there, but also being stoked (old words I once used) that I was out there with Jeff.

As I got older Jeff showed me what it took to be a great guy, how to be a great husband, father.

Like I thought back then, I hope I’m as cool as he is.

Going somewhere, Solo?

han solo first


Bog Iger told some interesting news today regarding the Han Solo spin-off  due in theatres shortly.

Seems we’ll be getting the Solo origin of sorts, where we will learn how he got the Falcon & how he met Chewbacca.  We also were told that we’ll learn where he got his name from.  So is Han Solo not his real name?  Is it a smuggler name?

Han Solo was always my favorite character from the trilogy so you’ll be seeing me get to this flick in less than 12 par secs when released.

Batman Toy Fair 2017

One thing Funko had that was really cool, & very nostalgic for me, were some new toys based on the old 1960’s Batman television show.  Now, I’m only 41, so I never saw the show when it first aired, but I did grow up watching the re-runs constantly.  While it might be goofy, I was quite surprised at the amount of Batman 1960’s merchandise at the 2017 Toy Fair.

While you readers know this already, I figured I’d give a little info on the Batman show real quick.  The television show aired from 1966-1968 with a total of 120 episodes.  Batman The Movie was released in 1966 & featured Batman & Robin against several of their villains, including The Joker, The Penguin, The Riddler & Catwoman. ( The Riddler was played by Frank Gorshin & Catwoman by Lee Meriwether in this, you’ll see why I mentioned this in a little bit).

The show had tons of villains throughout the two years, as well as a plethora of bat-gadgets, the cool Batmobile (created out of the 1955 Lincoln Futura which took 15 days to be customized for the series, was supposedly bought for $1.00 & cost $15,000.00 to customize), as well as tons of Holy-jokes.  One thing I get a kick out of is that Cesar Romero, who played the Joker, never shaved his mustache for the show, so they put the white make up right over it.  Many toys or sculptures of his Joker today feature this if you look.

The cast consisted of Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman & Burt Ward as Dick Grayson/Robin.  Yvonne Craig would later appear in the show for 26 episodes (1967-1968) as Commissioner Gordon’s daughter Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.  It also included the following villains, some of them played by more than one actor through the series


The Joker – Cesar Romero (22 episodes & the movie)

The Penguin – Burgess Meredith (21 episodes & the movie)

Catwoman – Lee Meriwether (the movie 1966)

Julie Newmar (13 episodes – 1966-1967)

Eartha Kitt (5 episodes – 1967-1968)

The Riddler – Frank Gorshin (10 episodes – 1966-1967 & the movie)

John Astin (2 episodes – 1967)

King Tut – Victor Buono (10 episodes)

Egghead – Vincent Price (7 episodes)

Louie the Lilac – Milton Berle (5 episodes)

The Mad Hatter – David Wayne (4 episodes)

The Bookworm – Roddy McDowall (2 episodes)

Mr. Freeze – Otto Preminger (2 episodes – 1966)

George Sanders – (2 episodes – 1966)

Eli Wallach – (2 episodes – 1967)

The Funko booth had a life sized action figure of Adam West as Batman.  If you look at the elbows on the statue you can see it’s meant to be the action figure.  The new action figures Funko is releasing is different from the Reaction Figures that they released with Super Seven.  I believe the best way to describe these is that the Reaction is more like the vintage Kenner Star Wars figures while these new Funko figures are more like the G.I. Joes where the elbows move.

tf2017 036

The action figures are as follows

Batman, Robin, 2 different Mr. Freeze’s, Bookworm, King Tut, Batgirl.

tf2017 032

tf2017 030

Note the two different Batman’s.  My only complaint is that I feel the ears are a bit too long on the cowl compared to what they were like on the show.

They also have the Batmobile which Batman & Robin fit in.

tf2017 031

tf2017 035

No doubt more figures, villains, will be made in a second series.

The figures will be released in June 2017.

Pop figures are also created, so far we see

The Penguin, The Riddler, Mr. Freeze, King Tut, Batgirl

tf2017 034

These go well with the originally released figures found in stores now.


2017 Toy Fair

The Funko booth at Toy Fair always has some great props on display.  This year was no exception.  While the giant Shogun Batman is always there, this year they had a giant Dorbz StarLord, giant Groot, & giant Dorbz Baymax in his superhero gear.

tf2017 029

tf2017 025

tf2017 026

tf2017 024


2017 Toy Fair

I’ve been meaning to get the shots from TF on the blog but have been pretty busy.  See, my wife & I are moving from Jotunheim, NJ to someplace a little more civilized.  So, while I won’t be in the mountains anymore, I’ll still be in NJ.

I do plan on getting those TF shots on here, besides some pretty cool other toy related things I’ve found lately.

But, while we wait for this to happen, let’s just relax & enjoy this POP Stich taken at TF.  I like this one, he looks so innocent, just like my 2 year old dog looked when she suckered me into adopting her, making me think she’d be my dog when in truth she’s really my wife’s.


This weekend I went to the 2017 Toy Fair.  I’ll be putting pictures of the things I saw while there.  I will tell you this, the company to surprise me by not being cool to the press, Funko.  Mattel was impossible to get in, as was Lego.  Jakks Pacific was cool to talk to me bout their Disney Tsum Tsum, which was the only thing I wanted to discuss so they took me to their booth for a few minutes.  The nicest company there  Mezco.

So, check back for shots of cool things that will be coming out this year.