POP Exclusive The Black Hole & $crooge McDuck for NYC Comic Con 2017

Next month you can get your very own V.I.N. CENT &  Maximillian Pop figures.  I really like how V.I.N. CENT looks, though I admit I don’t think Maximillian looks very well.  When I first saw these I knew I wanted the V.I.N. CENT one, then I thought why?  The Black Hole bores me.  I don’t like it, I don’t think I could sit through it, yet I just recently bought the Mickey Ear of it while on vacation, I have a couple of Disney pins of him, I even have the complete movie card set.  Then I realized why, Rich.  I have his original V.I.N. CENT.  I guess it’s a way to keep him here with me?




One other cool toy being sold is the $crooge McDuck Pop.  Yes, I spelt this with the $ for the S because let’s face it, he’s the richest duck there is, he deserves the $ in his name.  If you really want to read some good $crooge comic books I recommend anything written by Don Rosa.  Yes, purists will say the creator of McDuck, Carl Barks’ stuff is better, but Rosa is great.  Read his “The Life & Time of $crooge McDuck” & it’s companion book & you won’t be sorry.  He takes every little thing Barks ever said how $crooge made his millions & puts it into the comic.






My Childhood Dream

I wrote this on my other blog I wrote for, but I wanted to include this here too, because this is so cool.

I think nothing could be cooler than the most recent release by Radio Flyer,  something I wish was out when I was a child, an actual working Star Wars Landspeeder. Based off of Luke Skywalker’s X-34 speeder from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, the Radio Flyer Landspeeder can sit 2 children. The speeder comes with an interactive dashboard which features lights, actual sounds & dialogue from the movie (for sounds you get the Engine startup/shut down & the flying noise, while the dialogue has three lines, one from Luke Skywalker, “Look it, there’s a Droid on the scanner. Dead ahead.  Might be our little Artoo unit. Hit the accelerator”, beeping noises of R2-D2 & from C3-P0, “There are several creatures approaching from the South East”. These are the actual voices of Mark Hamill & Anthony Daniels.)

The speeder has a shift which can make it go between 2 to 5 miles forward, or 2 miles in reverse. It runs on a 12 Volt rechargeable battery & also comes with the charger. The weight limit is 130 LBS & is for ages 4 & higher. In Toys R Us it sells for $499.00.



I wish they had this out when I was a kid.

September 1st


September first is being billed as Force Friday II by Disney.  On this day we’ll be seeing new merchandise for Star Wars The Last Jedi.  Some toys have been shown on sites, like Funko, while for Disney they’ll be having park exclusive merchandise you need to sign up for (check out the disneyparksblog.com for info).

We’ve also get a new look at a new droid in the next episode, a BB unit for the dark side titled BB-9E.  Now I doubt he’s the long lost twin of BB-8, but he does look pretty cool.


I haven’t really talked much bout the new Episode since the trailer was first released because I didn’t really have so much to say.  Well, I do, but they’re more questions.  When I left Episode VII I had so many questions, & when I saw the first trailer I got no answers, just more questions, which is cool.  I’ve avoided all spoilers except for anything officially revealed, like the new BB unit or the article in Entertainment Weekly.

The EW article did something  I long since thought they stopped, giving good info.  They gave just enough to give you some idea bout the new episode, but not enough to figure things out.  It has two covers, one of Luke & one of Rey.  My sister is subscribed to the magazine so she got the Luke one & lent it to me.  I need to return it to her so she could lend it to my brother, but I’d just as well keep it because it’s so good.

I’ve this great feeling that The Last Jedi is going to be excellent.

One thing bout Force Friday II.  I’ve a feeling that tomorrow we’ll be getting the newest trailer.  Why?  Because we haven’t had another since the first & we’re at like 106 days before the movie is released, so I think Disney will release it.  Least I hope so.

So here we go. Get ready to jump into Hyperdrive as The Last Jedi becomes the whirlwind it’s meant to be.

The Rocketeer toy line that should have been



In the summer of 1991 Disney released The Rocketeer in theatres as well as a ton of merchandise in stores. Counting on this movie to be their summer blockbuster the movie made back what it cost plus a little extra, but Disney considered it not a profit, cut their plans to make two more films, and had all the Rocketeer merchandise shipped to the mid-west where it was drastically marked down and put in 99 cent stores.

I first learned of The Rocketeer through issues of the great comic magazine “Comics Scene”. There were a few issues about the comic itself as well as the movie. Tie in some issues of “Starlog Magazine” and I was hooked on this film. When I saw the teaser trailer for the movie before “What About Bob?” with The Thousandth Man I knew I’d be seeing this movie for sure.

The movie itself was great, a Disney-styled version of the comics and one that had the Indiana–Jones-vibe Disney was going for, and I was nuts for it. That’s when my collecting began. The comic shop I went to had tons of Rocketeer merchandise. Each week I’d work, then on Saturday’s go to the mall to buy some. I did this for weeks when, fearing they’d sell out, I brought in $90.00 and bought the rest of what I needed.

One thing that still surprises me to this day is how Disney, in all of their merchandising, never made a series of action figures for what was their summer block-buster. Ever since 1977 with the success of Star Wars, every summer block-buster had action figures. While Star Wars could make tons of figures besides the core group of characters, after all there were so many aliens in the film; films like Raiders of the Lost Ark had a toy line that just kept to the core of the film.

Both ways worked, yet, the Rocketeer had no figures.

The closest thing it had to an action figure was a “Bend Em” figure from Just Toys (the same type of figure and company that would release Star Wars versions years later). The Rocketeer Bend Em had a rocket pack you could put on or remove, but other than that, that was it. Limited play ability, not much of a figure for action, and other than having a really cool card design, the Bend Em looked better in the card than out of it.




Applause released a 9 inch doll of The Rocketeer as well. Already posed, this doll didn’t do much. Not really moveable, this doll looked better on a shelf then it played as a toy.





While Disney has throughout the years made up for this with detailed collector dolls like the Medicom Rocketeer Scale Figure, nice statues, the 2014 Hallmark ornament, the great Funko POP! and ReAction figures, 1991 was a rough year for Rocketeer collectors. Yes, there were other collectibles out there, but what I wanted most of all was a toy line to collect.

So, today, I present The Rocketeer toy line that should have been.

The Rocketeer figures would be the size of the Kenner Star Wars / Raiders of the Lost Ark figures. Personally I find this the best size. Perhaps with bending knees like the Raiders line. The following figures would be:

Cliff Secord/The Rocketeer – with removable helmet & rocket pack

Jenny – in regular clothes


Neville Sinclair


German soldiers

Jenny – mail-away figure in the white South Seas Club dress

Vehicle wise there would be two:

Cliff & Peevy’s Gee Bee Racer

The bi-plane from the air circus that Malcolm flies with a Malcolm figure dressed as a clown

There would be one play set essential to the movie, The Bulldog Café. This would serve not only as a play set but a carrying case for the figures. This would open on a hinge. The first level would be the café, the second the attic with an escape hatch for the Rocketeer to fly from. Close the case and you can carry it with you to wherever you’re going to play The Rocketeer.

We could debate the need for a second line of characters like Bigelow from the air circus, gangster Eddie Valentine and his gang, the pilots that hang out at the Bulldog Café and even Howard Hughes, but I find these unnecessary. I think the core characters listed above would do well.

There we go. The Rocketeer toy line that never was. While this never will be, we can be thankful for the Rocketeer stuff Disney does release, like the Funko ReAction figure released this year. It might be 23 years after the movie and just the Rocketeer, but we finally have a Rocketeer action figure.

The Thousandth Man Plus Me II

I saw something on my vacation with my wife last week that made me think of Rich.  I thought today would be a good day to show this because it was something he liked.  My brother, sister & I were fans of Disney’s The Black Hole.  Though it was released in 1979 (I was 4) we didn’t see it in the theatre, but later when we were older on cable.

Looking back on the movie now, one I haven’t seen since I can’t remember when, it’s boring.  Even Anthony Perkins thinks so because he gets killed off by the evil robot Maximilian just to get out of the movie.  Our favorite parts of the movie were the robots.  My brother is a fan of Maximilian while I’m more of a fan of both V.I.N. CENT & B.O.B.  I think my sister likes them all which most likely my brother does too.

V.I.N. CENT was voice by Roddy McDowall while B.O.B was voiced by Slim Pickens.  Rich was a fan of the movie too & had the V.I.N. CENT toy from when released back then.  He said it was his favorite toy because he could sneak it down when he had to do his homework & when his mother wasn’t looking he’d play with it.

When he told me this one year I looked on Ebay & found him one for his birthday.  He couldn’t believe it.  When he passed his sister asked if there was anything of his I wanted to remember him by & I mentioned this very toy due to how much it meant to him.


v.i.n. cEnt

While we were in Disney we were looking in the pin store in Disney Springs where I saw some “Mickey Ears”.  I call them this because they’re little Mickey figurines designed to look like something else.  In their Movieland Series 1 they made a V.I.N. CENT Mickey Ear.  Once I saw this on this box I knew I had to get it.


Choosing it wouldn’t be so simple though.  These are sold blind boxed, & even if you opened the box the figure is in a foil pouch so you don’t know what you get.  The best way to find him was by the weight of the box.  He has a bit of weight to him, but not much, so I went by that.  Some were heavier which meant other ones, somewhere lighter which of course meant something else.  I was lucky to get this one.

When my wife & I got back to our Disney Resort room I opened the box & there he was.  V.I.N. CENT.  I sent my brother & sister a picture of him.  They couldn’t believe they made one.

It really is a cool little figure & I’m glad I got him.   I’d trade him for Rich any day though.

The Thousandth Man Plus Me

There are days when I can precisely say exactly what I mean & then there are the days where I can’t express myself.  This is one of those days.  You see, today would be my buddy Rich’s 42nd birthday.

Even to this day I still can’t believe he’s gone.  I can’t believe what he went through, how it happened.  I can still remember everything like it was yesterday.  I miss my friend more than you can ever know.  I didn’t just lose a friend I lost a brother.

I wish you could have those stupid ice cream cone cupcakes this year, you know, the ones I hate & the ones you and my sister like.  You deserve them.