I was just watching the music video (does MTV even still play these?) of Aerosmith’s “Hole in my Soul” from their Nine Lives.  It’s interesting because the video reminded me completely of Peter Parker becoming Spider-man, except for the Frankenstein-ing himself a few girlfriends, which happen to be clones.

Even the nerdy blonde girl could pass for Gwen Stacy, the typical football players (pick one) could be Flash Thompson, & of course the main kid in the video has a sort of Andrew Garfield Peter Parker feel to it.

Check it out, see for yourself True Believers.

‘Nuff Said.



I’ve been thinking this over since I wrote about this last night.  Why would Disney create a show based off the Rocketeer for their Disney Jr channel?  It doesn’t really make sense.  The age group who watches Disney Jr certainly doesn’t know who the Rocketeer even is & the parents would never let their child see the original comic since Cliff’s girlfriend is the book isn’t Disney appropriate.

The more I thought on this the more I realized that Disney should’ve made this show for Disney X D.  The viewers of this channel would be more in tuned with the movie, plus, this could be a good way to see how the viewers like it & build on the Rocketeer.

The series could take place right after the first movie, or, years later where Cliff & Jenny’s child, or even grandchild, becomes the Rocketeer.  The actors who played Cliff, Jenny & Peevey are all still alive so they could even get the original voices for the role.

I guess this is the concept Disney wants though, so we’ll just have to see.


While back Disney mentioned they were planning on rebooting The Rocketeer with an African-Amercain female lead.  Nothing came of this, but today, the Disney website OH MY DISNEY (www.ohmydisney.com) posted that in 2019 on Disney Jr. a NEW Rocketeer television show will be part of their programing.

Each episode will have two 11 minute shorts plus a new song.  The show will follow Kit, who becomes The Rocketeer when she opens a birthday present which presents to her her future of being The Rocketeer. Kit will be joined by her “gadget-minded” best friend Tesh, & airplane mechanic Ambrose (remember he’s Peevey from the comic & movie, Cliff’s friend & mentor).

Per the Oh My Disney website –

“We are very excited to introduce The Rocketeer to our young Disney Junior audience. The vast storytelling found in the original comic books provides the perfect opportunity to create an exciting new adventure series told from a young girl superhero perspective that the whole family can enjoy together.”

Here’s to seeing The Rocketeer take flight in 2019.  When voice casting begins I’ll mention more.



Due this spring are The Princess Bride Pop.





Inigo Montoya


Westley – The Dread Pirate Roberts


I like that they included Westley disguised as The Dread Pirate Roberts, however I do wish they would have released Pops of Fezzik & Vizzini.  They could do a second set, including these two, even include Prince Humperdink & Count Rugen (be sure he has six fingers on his right hand).  Heck, they could even do Miracle Max & his wife or go even extreme with one of the R.O.U.S (Rodents Of Unsual Size).

Either way, these are cool.



Valentine’s Day

Back in grammar school I always hated Valentine’s Day.  I dreaded the part where we’d be giving out valentine’s to each other, fearing none of the girls in my class would give me any.  When I got older in middle school it grew worse the fear, then in high-school, even though the school  was split with boys on one side & girls on the other (yes, it was like the Berlin Wall of Valentine’s Day) I never got one.

Sure my mom gave me a card, but she’s my mom.

So, of course, when I met my future wife, Valentine’s was a day we celebrated.  But here’s the thing, being married to the most incredible woman ever, to me, every day is Valentine’s.

So, few weeks ago we were at the zoo.  We were checking out this exhibit with turtles.  My wife likes turtles, I do too, the teenage mutant ninja ones, but we saw these two turtles hanging out & I said to my wife it’s us.

So, here’s the picture of the turtles we saw.  Me & my wife. Belle & her Turtle-Beast