No more Jotunheim

The past few months have been ones of lots of stress.  My wife & I finally moved out of Jotunheim, though we still live in NJ, just somewhere related to a certain Kryptonian.  While our house was for sale our oldest dog, the very fist we ever had together, he was 16, had to be put down.  It was a very tough time for us.  I thank God for the puppy we have to have helped ease the pain, but I miss my buddy.  I think of him running in Heaven towards my buddy Rich & my Grandfather, which makes me happier.

This past weekend we just got back from our yearly trek to Disney World.  We drove down, stopping over night & then spent a great week & few days in Disney’s The Wilderness Lodge, the best resort they have.  We truly had a restful time, on we both needed from all the stress we were dealing with.

I’ve lots of blogs I want to write, just haven’t gotten to them yet.  Work has been terrible, which is one reason why, the other is being just too tired from the move.  My good buddy helped me, besides my sister & pop, it was extremely hot that day.  God, I hate moving.

So, expect more blogs soon.  I’ve finished a great book I think everyone should read, one I just can’t stop thinking of.  I plan to lend it to my sister because I think she will like it.

So, yes, The Hobbit Hole is still blogging.  He’s got his fuzzy bare feet & round tummy, living in his little Hobbit Hole in the side of the ground, but of course it’s a Hobbit hole so that means comfort.

Expect to see more from me.  Expect to one day finish reading Job Macabre.  Perhaps even hear my theories on sequels, practical movie effects versus computers, some going ons over The Wizard of Oz, some toy stuff.

The Hobbit Hole, brought to you by the nerdy Hobbit.


Psycho Pop

Coming soon from Funko is their horror movie line of Pop figures, & the one I know my brother will be getting will be the Norman Bates one.  Norman comes in two styles, colorized & the exclusive black & white which can only be found at FYE.


jpeg bw

Personally I like the black & white one since it has the Hitchcock Psycho feel to it.

I’m sure he’ll be getting both of these, most likely our sister will get it for him since he never gets out to look at such cool things.


Toy Lines

My buddy & I used to take trips down to the beach here in New Jersey to visit Kevin Smith’s Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash.  On those drives we’d talk comics, toys & how we wanted to open our own comics magazine that would rival Wizard.

Wizard eventually self destructed but our idea of doing something stuck until one day he asked me to join him on his toy blog called Toy-Lines.  It was a great invitation.  We’ve been writing for Toy-Lines for several years & ventured to a bunch of Toy Fairs.

I’d like to share with you all the other blog I write for, but also my good friend who owns it, his dedicated & tireless work to it.  He might talk to me like J.Jonah Jameson does to Peter Parker, but he’s a great guy & friend & being a part of the Toy-Lines crew is one of the greatest things I get to do.

So here’s to Toy-Lines & the guy who started it all, my buddy Tommy.



Death crept into Richard Heward’s bedroom cautiously. He stopped to the side of the bed & took the pouch of dream dust from his robe, grabbed a heaping handful. His fingers turned gold & some dust sift through his fingers onto the floor.

Death looked at Richard & crouched in front of him. He held his hand in front of his face, & with a soft breath, blew the dust into Richard’ face. Richard smiled as his dream began. Satisfied with a job well done Death turned & walked out of the room. “This is so easy,” he said to himself as he looked at his list to see where he had to go next.

Richard dreamt he was at the top of the Empire State Building looking out over New York City. For years he had been dreaming of visiting New York, but could never afford it. Now he was there. He looked out at the city with a smile & locked his fingers through the chain link fence. He inhaled the wind, closed his eyes, & began his climb up the fence. He pulled himself over the top & leapt out over the city, his arms spread wide, as if he was doing a swan dive.

The wind whipped past his face & through his hair as the ground rapidly approached. He opened his eyes & immediately they began to tear. He felt his stomach rise to his throat & churn with nausea. His mind warned him to wake up before he hit the ground, but despite his best efforts, he couldn’t. Richard screamed as the ground approached but was silenced as he slammed into the concrete.


While I sit here writing this, listening to “Put it Together” by  Langhorne Slim & The Law I can’t help but think of my Grandfather.  He’d be turning 98 & I wish he was around to call to wish him a Happy Birthday. With Easer just passing I can’t help but think of him, my Grandfather loved when Easter fell on his birthday, & while this year it was three days off, I figure, “Hey, close enough”.

I received an email from Shutterfly showing me pictures from three years ago from this time of year.  The pictures they sent were of my Grandfather with me & my wife from Palm Sunday.   My mother called me tonight to say hello then to remind me that Grandpa’s birthday was here.  I told her I remembered.  Of course I would, I couldn’t forget it.

It’s interesting that when I was younger I was very quiet but when I got older I really began to talk to my Grandfather more.  I’d ask him questions about being born in 1919, the things he saw in life, the things he witnessed.  There wouldn’t be a holiday that would pass where I wouldn’t sit by him with my notebook asking him the things I’d think of.  When I wasn’t there I’d write a list of questions then give them to my mother to ask him.

I still have the answers, sitting in a notebook I need to write in.  Not sure when I’ll do this.  Much as I want to I still feel too sad that he’s gone, just like I feel bout Rich.  There’re days when I feel good in life, then the days where they’re being gone hits me more powerful than King Kong.

So Happy Birthday to my Grandfather.